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All costs include VAT & are in GBP.

As well as making our own websites, we also create websites for organisations, charities and companies.

You can use the calculator below to get an approximation of how much we'd charge for your project. If after using it you'd like to get in contact, send Simon an email at:



1. Initial Costs

Initial email contact regarding website concept & requirementsAll initial contact in general with us is always free. We won't bill you anything until after we've discussed your project in detail and both agreed to a suitable concept and cost. £0

Design/Development of website features & layoutThis is the base cost we charge for our services. So if you were to go for a basic single page website, it would cost this amount. This charge is not requested until you're happy with our initial concept, but is required before we start programming your website. £600

Set up domain and serverWe'll do everything needed to get your website online & ensure it's well tested. £200

2. Pages & Content

Your website will have 2 pagesPlease estimate the number of pages you'll need on your website. If pages will look and function very similar you can classify them as one. This will give us a good idea of how much content your website will have, which can potentially lead to some hefty costs later on if estimated wrong. £100

3. Technology

User SystemIf you want a login-type system, where users can create an account and change/upload/download content, we can create a custom solution for you. Using our own internal CMS we can make sure your login system always has the latest features and security updates. Of course for anything related to your login system, these updates will be free! If you require an image/video upload system, this will incur extra costs for image/video storage (refer to section 4 for specifics). £800

Content Management System (CMS)With a CMS, you can edit almost all of your content from a control panel on your website. You can do pretty much anything from changing text or images to changing the background colour of pages. All CMS's we develop for your specific needs, so this is quite an expensive option. Currently we don't develop for common CMS software such as WordPress, although we may in the future. £1000

Responsive LayoutBy having a responsive layout, a website will adapt based on the size of the screen a user is viewing it on. With a large percentage of global website traffic coming from mobile devices, having a website that works on both desktop and mobile can be useful. Alternatively we can design your website to work on a specific device. £200

Contact page with email formA contact form allows users to get in touch fast, and without ever leaving your website. We use Ajax form-handling, which allows forms and a success/error message to be displayed without any redirecting or page reloading. £100

Multimedia pages (with video and audio)Displaying static images and videos is of course free, but if you want something special; we can work with some of the latest HTML5 features to display images, video or audio in a special way. Whether that be as a video background to your website, or a song you've written playing in the background; it's all up to you. £200

Online StoreOnline stores allow users to purchase goods without ever leaving your website. Although to make sure this process is always secure, we need to enable a much higher level of security than normal; as such, this is a much more expensive option than other functionality. To process money on your behalf, we use several third-party payment gateways; these are currently 2Checkout and PayPal. Both offer very reasonable prices for their services, and are highly trusted in their fields. £4000

4. Recurring Costs

Maintain/Renew DomainWe can both purchase and renew your domain if you'd like. Although the initial cost and renewal cost each year will vary dramatically depending on what domain extension you go for. Generally this varies anywhere from £1 to £40 a year. £15/y

Host website (~400 users/month)We offer managed hosting for all websites we make. This covers things like security updates, design improvements, speed improvements - all the things that you might need as the internet evolves over the coming years. £50

Host no user-uploaded contentIf you require an image/video upload system; depending on the quantity, this can incur varying costs. We utilise Amazon S3, which is a cloud-system that allows us to store an unlimited amount of image/video content for a much lower cost that we'd be able to on our own servers, and completely securely. This sytem only charges for the amount of storage and bandwidth used. So if you have a small website the cost will be minimal, if not free; but for a website of 1000+ images being uploaded a day, this can add up to hundreds of pounds per month once you're serving 100k+ images to users per day. £0

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